Who we are

This one feels special, envisioned as an avenue to collaborate all forms of the modern work Place concepts, as one director shares how the vision is for the FUTURE OF WORK.

As a child I would go to the factory with my Dad, where we would go to the “workshop” where production of furniture happened. This is where a lot of creativity occurred, giving life to products from concept to completion. This had a profound and lasting effect on me as I am by nature inspired by creativity that comes from deep thought and contemplation.

The idea of creating a workshop was always in my mind as I grew up. But I was looking for a different kind of workshop but which had the same objective of giving people a space to be inspired and be creative and solve problems creating value for all, in any way they see fit. And that has come to pass with this new “Workshop”, a place that can continue this legacy of innovation and creativity. It will be a place of mental work conducive for contemplation and even collaboration and even brain storming. Not many things are more fulfilling than being able to enjoy your work. I want to create a culture where work is a fulfilling mission not just mere labour. It’s not about games and only having fun. It’s about creating value from your products and services and connecting with people.


We always have space for you! Walk into one of our locations and let us help you get the job done. Best for remote workers, consultants, freelancers and all independent business women and men.

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Meeting rooms

Access to fully equipped meeting rooms is a standard we keep. Book with us externally and reserve your space.

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Business Lounge

We have exquisite and cosy lounges well-spaced out and comfortable at every level to enjoy while you pick books of your choice, watch tv, or magazines .. we also throw in a hammock!

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